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The Charlotte Chess Club, an Affiliate of the USCF conducts a perpetual 5 round tournament with one round being played each Wednesday evening at 7:30pm. The time control is 30/1, G30 - Top Section G90. Entry fee is $4. ($6 for non-members) The Annual club membership fee is $25. (Current members receive $5 discount) NCCA ($5) membership is required. Your first visit is FREE! Non-members, who have visited more than once, and play off-hand games are required to pay $2. The CCC sponsors a bi-monthly 3 rd. Swiss at Quaker Steak & Lube and other occasional tournaments. For schedule see "Upcoming Events"  In order to compete in "Tournament Competition" and join the CCC, NCCA or USCF simply show up at the site. For more information Email:
The Charlotte Chess Club has established itself as the premier Chess Club of the Southeast. With a current count of 70 members, we meet each Wednesday evening at 6:30 P.M. (or as early as 5:30 for some) at Wendy's Restaurant, 446 S. Independence Blvd., Charlotte, NC, USA. (Directions) The
venue guarantees plenty of tables, good lighting, great food, close parking, limited smoking and
friendly management?! Join us to participate in casual play as well as USCF rated events.

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Norm Pruitt
Dr. Gil Holmes
Samuel Xin
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NM Chris Mabe

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Time Control For Wendy's
Top Section: G90,
All others Sections: 30/1, G30

Time Delay Clocks will NOT Be Used
  if Either Players Disagrees

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On August 29, 1948, Kit Crittenden won the N.C. State Championship at age 13, still youngest ever in the Nation!
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William Anthony
Bernard Baker
Tracy Davenport
Corey Frazier
Greg Hall
Marnzell Hand
NM Chris Mabe
Lynn Murphy
Fran Palmer

 Quaker Steak III
(CCC Poker Game - 7:00pm!)
windy (See Upcoming Events) windy
Aug 18
(Entire 2007 Schedule)
Prize Structure for
 Wendy's Events

windyTop Section $50windy
Top "B", "C" & "Lower" Section
 Free Entry to Quaker Steak
Winners must have at least 4 points
(Note:  Byes & 1/2 point byes do NOT count)
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CCC Top 10
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1 NM Frankie Newton 2270
NM Chris Mabe
Shawn Pealer
Todd Trower 2037
James Dickson
Randy Lovelace
NM Leland Fuerstman
Gary Newsom 1995
Patrick McCartney
Thomas Paradis
"You don't stop playing when you get old; you get old when you stop playing!" Benjamin Franklin
Here is the only truth:  "We are the pawns of the mysterious game of chess played by God,  who moves us,  stops us,  shifts us ahead,  and soon picks us up one after the other and gathers us in the same box of  Nothing."
Omar Khayyam 1040 ad

"Chess grips its exponent, shackling the mind and brain so that the inner freedom and independence of even the strongest character cannot remain unaffected."  Albert Einstein
"Imagination does not breed insanity. Exactly what does breed insanity is reason.  Poets do not go mad;  but chess-players do".
—Chesterton, The Maniac (1908).

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The CCC has 70 current members. This is our 89th Wendy's 5 Rd event. The Record for the total playing in 1 Rd is 48,  total  participating  is 78, for a  3 Rd event 38.
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NM Leland L. Fuerstman, Editor
 Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, Earth to everyone out there in cyberia, and welcome to the Charlotte Chess Club website. On this page, which is continuously updated, we will report a weekly synopsis of the previous meeting to include current standings, annotated games, and other interesting anecdotes for your reading, viewing, and listening pleasure. We welcome your contributions and comments on our
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Quaker Steak III  - Aug 18
(CCC Poker Game - 7:00pm!)
Quaker Steak & Lube Restaurant,
1601 E. Woodlawn Rd. Charlotte, NC
(Across the street from Bertucci's)

- In the Park Road Shopping Center -
All Players REQUIRED to purchase their lunch at Quaker Steak

Note: E-mail and your
 name will be included on the "List of Players"
who intend to participate! Current number: 10
Be There by 9:45am. Rd:1 Will Begin at 10am SHARP!!!
Wendy's 88 Results
Quaker Steak II Results
IM Edward Lasker - Sir George Thomas  1-0
> Note: The time control for the Top Section is now G90 <
(Time Delay Clocks will NOT be used unless Both Players Agree)
windyCCC NEWS & VIEWS 8-9-07windy
Newton, Fuerstman Lead Top; Holmes "B"; Ozherelyev, Wood "C"; Benet, Gatlin, Frazier Lower Section of Wendy's LXXXIX (Editor Needs Games)
Charlotte, NC 8-8-07:
  An average turnout of 21 of the most creative calculators in the Carolinas congregated at this cavernous convention center more commonly known as Wendy's in order to participate in Rd:3 of Wendy's 89. In the Top Section, the CCC's #1 player, the pride of Crouse, NC, 2006 CCC Player of the Year NM Frankie "Chips" Newton (2270) "drew out" on the river and split the pot with NM Leland "Ennui" Fuerstman (2033) to each remain as the chip leaders with 2.5-.5. (Position after 21... Rc4!?) (See Game 0607). Meanwhile, Patrick "Fabio" McCartney (1953) outplayed Expert Randy "Deep Thought" Lovelace (2034), 13 year old phenom Samuel "Xman" Xin (1927) beat down 14 year old phenom Kevin "Spacey" Huang (1841) and the CCC's #3 player Expert Shawn "Arlo" Pealer (2101) made peace with 15 year old phenom Thomas "Hitman" Paradis (1947). In the "B" Section, Dr. Gil "Sherlock" Holmes (1787) performed a successful surgical procedure on 14 year old phenom Dominique "the Dominator" Myers (1601) to lead with 2.5-.5. In addition, Ken "the Great" Ivens (1785) drowned in the Jonathan "Henry" Hudson (1754) river. In the "C" Section, Spencer "Jazzman" Singleton (1576) split the point with 11 year old phenom Derek "Domino" Zhang (1324). In the Lower Section, "Mean" Joe Benet, Winfred "Guns" Gatlin and "Smokin" Corey Frazier each lead with 2-1. All results may be observed on the current  "Crosstable."  E-mail to add your name to the "List of Players" who intend to participate in Quaker Steak III Saturday, Aug 18 See ("Upcoming Events")

Dickson Perfect in Top; Ozherelyev, Wheeless Lower Section of Quaker Steak II
windyCharlotte NC 6-16-07: A dozen of some of the finest young chess talents in North Carolina gathered at our new facility in order to participate in Quaker Steak II. The playing room was well lighted and extremely quiet, the free coffee was hot and the food was reasonably priced and delicious! In the Top Section, Team Davidson's Expert James "Mason" Dickson (2013) dispatched of Clarke "Kent" Brosi (1775) in Rd:1, Patrick "Fabio" McCartney (1986) in Rd:2 and NM Leland "Ennui" Fuerstman (2043) in the final round to take clear 1st Place with a perfect 3-0 and pocket $80. Clear 2nd Place was Gary "Nightcrawler" Newsom (1975) with 2.5-.5 winning $40. In the Lower Section, NCCA President Charles R. "Randy" Wheeless (1629) and Viktor "the Mad Russian" Ozherelyev (1575) finished equal 1st-2nd with 2.5-.5 each winning $30. In order to observe all results see (Crosstable). (Fuerstman  Directed) E-mail me at lelandfue to add your name to the "List of Players" who intend to participate in Quaker Steak III on Aug 18 - (Don't miss CCC Poker Game - 7:00pm!) See ya' there!